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HDH Records is proud to present Ronnie Laws' new CD, "Dream A Little". The feel of old school melding with the refreshing sounds of today.
Holland-Dozier-Holland composed over 200 songs, including many of the biggest hits of the 60's Golden Era of Soul. Their work fueled the rise of Motown Records as a dominant music powerhouse. Vote for your favorite song in the HDH Poll!
Soon to be released from HDH Records…"You Got It Like That", a first solo single from Felisa Mirasol, formerly lead singer of 4U. HDH is anticipating "Virginity" the upcoming album from Forshé whose first single "Dog Food", featuring George Clinton, hit #37 on the Billboard "Top 100 R&B Singles" during the first quarter of 2000. Shanty Town Records is awaiting a new single from chart topping rapper Flexx G. "Whole Lot Of Gangstas Die", his last single from the "When Reality Strikes" CD, hit #9 on the Billboard's "Top 100 R&B/Hip Hop Singles" chart.
Visit the Holland-Dozier-Holland online Gallery of still photos with classic photographs of HDH along with all of their Hot Wax Records, HDH Records, Invictus Records and Shanty Town Records artists. Go There.
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